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School District of Osceola County

​​​Please view this page for staff contacts, including administration, elementary and middle school. Please scroll down also for office support staff links.

Westside Teacher of the Year: Mr. Paul Dunn, math ESE support

"It is an honor to be voted Teacher of the Year for Westside K-8. I want to thank my colleagues for that honor, and it's my distinct privilege to work  with such a fantastic faculty and staff. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to teach and mentor a dynamic student body. Learning is a journey and requires a strong commitment in order to succeed. I thoroughly enjoy helping students develop a plan in order to meet their academic goals. Each day my focus is to make a positive impact in the lives of our students."

Westside School-Related Employee of the Year: Mrs. Tami Whisman, food services

​​Tami Whisman_updtd.jpg"We all work together and have a very positive attitude here at Westside K-8. It's a GREAT place to be."            








Principal​Nadia Winston        (principal's secretary, Ms. Jennie Gildelmadrid)  

​Assistant Principal, Elementary School
​Brandon Easton

​Assistant Principal, Middle School
Shakelia Henderson

​Dean, Elementary School
​Jane Mabra      (dean's clerk, Ms. Angela Pierre

Dean, Middle School
​Chad Gresh       (dean's clerk, Ms. Angela Pierre


 Elementary School 

Pre-Kindergarten​Email Link
​​Edwards, India

​Fernandez, Veronica


Carlos, Sarah

Depriest, Ginger

Galarza, Idelisse

Mallozzi, Amber

Milkanin, Margaret

Moore, Linda

Stewart, Jessica

First Grade
Catala, Ilka

Fedchenko, Jessica

Glancy, Samantha

​Hobgood, Jacqueline

Ochi, Asako

Oliver, Theresa

Santiago, Nitza

Shortsle, Julie

Stefancic, Elaine

Second Grade
Couch, Stacey

Haan, Brittany

​Irizzary, Deborah

​Larry, Lisa

​Laurendine, Lydia

​Morgan, Michelle

​Pereyra, Nancy

​Sanabria, Lissie

​Serrano, Jacqueline

​Velotta, Andrea

Third Grade
​Acosta-Hertzman, Rosa

​Alexandrou, Nicole

​Atkinson, Nirmala

Birmingham, Richard

​De Jesus, Naomi (Dual)
​Gorthey, Karen

​Gray, Lindsay

​Gulludge, Shirica

​Hammond, Julie

Lindemer, Jennifer
​Smith, Tiana

Fourth Grade
​Daversa, Jackie

​Hansen, Frances

​Heitzman, Erin

​Morse, Marni

​Noble, Keranis
​Pearson, Amelia

Fifth Grade
​Foy, Kalilia

Karczewski, Naomi

​Pursglove, Katherine

​Rivera, Nivia

​Vazquez, Lizbetmar

​Volpe, Leah

​Wachter, Shawna

​Wiseman, Tanya

Electives (Elementary Block)
Brock-Link, Kim (Art)

​Burrell, Stacey (Computers)

​Crabtree, Claire (Music)

​Gonzalez, Laiza (Dance)

Medrano, Aubrey (P.E.)

Small, Sherron (P.E.)

​Vanhurley-Wilson, Rhonda (Science)

​ESE Teachers (Elementary)
Davis-Bryant, Ingia (ASD)

Eagan, Katie

​Nieves, Kathleen (3-5)

​Thompson, Kenneth (3-5)

Vogt, Jennifer (K-2)


 Middle School 

​TeacherEmail Link
​Barth, Alexander (Social Studies)

​Buzzelli, Julie (ELA)

​Caban, Jonathan (STEM/Technology)

​Celio, Michelle (Social Studies)

​Chesnoski, Mary (Math)

​DeRienzo, Christine (Math, Algebra)

​Dunn, Paul (ESE-Math)

​Eagan, Katie (ESE-Speech)

​Escribano, Viceliz (ELA)

​Eveland, Sally (Math)

​Fleeman, Daniel (Social Studies)

​Foondle, Courtney (Science)

​Gaugler, Bryan (Health)

​Griffis, Jennifer (Science)

​Hornan, Leslie (P.E.)

​Karczewski, Nathan (ELA)

​Kinkade, Heather (Math)

​Ludwig, David (Theater)

​Ludwig, Jennifer (Science)

​Mercado, Christopher (ELA)

​Morrow, Samuel (Social Studies)

​Norlund, Hettie (ELA)

​Pennington, Daniel (Band/Chorus)

​Persaud, Babita (AVID, ELA) 

​Ridings, Linda (Math)

​Robinson, Beverly (ESE-Language Arts)

​Rockenbach, Nancy (Art)

​Rodriguez-Garcia, Nelson (ELA)

​Smalls, Vanita (ELA)

​Tank, Erica (Math)

​Wilson, Daniel (ELA)

​Whitbread, Gemma (ESE-ASD)

​Yates, Kathleen (Science)

​Zimmel, Ailin (ELA)


 Instructional and Professional Support 

​Attendance​Janet Guay

​Dean's Clerk ​Angela Pierre

​ECS​Aida Sifontes

​Guidance​Jennifer Fender

​Guidance​Dana High

​Guidance​Soto, Misael
​Learning Resource Specialist
​Kim Azis

​Learning Resource Specialist
​Amanda Cowen

​Learning Resource Specialist​Nixon-Rice, Kinisha
​Media Center
​Jacquelin Wade

​Math Coach
​Jennifer Muzika

​Nurse​Danielle Todd

​Parent Liason
​Lucibell Cruz

​Reading Coach
​Cynthia Miller

​Records/Data Entry Clerk ​Glendalys Perez

​RCS​Lynn Mckee

School Secretary
Jennie Gildelmadrid