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School District of Osceola County
​​ Curriculum Program 
​​ Overview/Sponsor ​ Activities/Events 

​Autism Unit

​The Autism Spectrum Disorder unit has two classes: K-3rd grade (Ms. Davis Bryant) and 4th - 8th grade (Ms. Gemma Whitbread). Each classroom has a teacher and two paraprofessionals. The ASD Units specializes in delivering instructions that is appropriate to student's academic and behavioral needs.  We focus on various skills to help teach students practical strategies for everyday life. We challenge and assist students to reach set goals not only in reading, mathematics, and science but also in social, independent and functional skills. The ASD units is a structured environment that promotes students achievement. Most importantly, we are a loving, colorful, and collaborative unit that supports all the students within this amazing unit.

“Children with disabilities are stronger than we know, they fight the battles that most will never know.”
― Misti Renea Neely

Participation in Special Olympics and celebration of Autism Awareness Month in April.


​AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. AVID is an elective class that prepares students for advanced classes in high school and ultimately, success in college. AVID students are in the academic "middle," neither top-performing or low-achieving. They have good grades and good behavior, but they may need academic support or organizational skills. Most AVID students aim to be the first in their family to attend a four-year college. In AVID, students learn academic writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading. AVID students also learn how to debate, give presentations and use multimedia. They learn leadership and take part in community service. Students also receive tutoring during school hours and hear guest speakers regularly. AVID is an international program that began in 1980 in California. The program now impacts 700,000 students in 46 states and 17 countries. AVID has been a part of Westside since 2010. For more information, visit: AVID -- Decades of College Dreams.  Contact Ms. Persaud at

​Every year, AVID students go on a field trip to a Florida college. Students also run the school's recycling program and help in the Autism Unit. AVID hosts College Week in the Fall and a middle school dance, usually at the beginning or end of the school year.



The Westside K-8 band consist of three performing ensembles:  5th Grade Band, Beginning Band, and Symphonic Band.   In the band program, students learn how to play an instrument and continue to learn literature and make important cross-curricular connections.  Students also perform in concerts and take field trips that involve performing.

To enroll in 5th Grade Band, students must be in a 5th grade class.  To enroll for Beginning Band, students must be in middle school ( sixth through eighth grades) and have no formal experience on a single instrument.  To enroll in Symphonic Band, students must have had at least one year of formal music training on an instrument and have approval from the director. Contact Daniel Pennington at

Concerts are a regular part of the Westside music program. For 2015,  events for include: April 27th Concert Band Extravaganza and May 28th  Spring Concert.


The Westside Singers is a group of students who want to learn how to use their voices in musical art form.  Students do not have to have previous experience in formal singing training, but it is gladly welcomed.  Chorus is a middle school course. Chorus has concerts and field trip events where students can sing and show off their talent.  Solos are not required to be in chorus.  Contact Daniel Pennington at

Concerts are a regular part of the Westside music program. For 2015,  events for include: April 27th for Concert Band Extravaganza and May 28th for the Spring Concert.

​Dual Language

​Westside K-8 School offers a successful Dual Language Program for grades K - 3rd.  Our Dual Language Program is an educational model that promotes high academic achievement, while enabling second language development, and cross cultural understanding for all students. The program creates an additive bilingual environment for all students; first language is maintained, while the second language is acquired. Westside Dual Language program is a choice program offered for those parents who are interested in providing their children the opportunity of becoming bilingual. Our program has a balance of English and Spanish native speakers with 60% of the instruction taught in English and 40% in Spanish.

In order to qualify for this program, student needs to be enrolled by their first grade year. This program is not limited to English or Spanish speakers. All other languages and cultures are welcome to participate. This is our fifth year of implementation, and we currently have 120 students enrolled. Parents interested in this program can contact Mrs. Sifontes, ESOL Specialist at 407-390-1748 ext. 46222 for more information and to obtain an application.

​Media Center

​The Media Center is the home of over 18,000 fiction and nonfiction titles for all grade-levels. 

The card catalog can be accessed here.

The nominees for the Sunshine State Young Reader Awards have been announced! Read these books for the 2015-16 school year for some wonderful prizes from the media center.
2015-16 SSYRA List Grades 3-5
2015-16 SSYRA List Grades 6-8

​PBS (Positive Behavior System)

​PBS is the school-wide Tier One behavior system. It is a proactive and positive approach to discipline that focuses on redirecting negative behaviors and rewarding positive behaviors. A school stakeholder committee meets to discuss discipline data and develop reward activities.

​STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math)

​STEM courses currently include: Introduction to Technology, Exploration of Production Technology, and Exploration of Aerospace Technology. STEM courses expose students to real life applications of principles learned in other classes like math, science, and even art. Contact Jonathan Caban at


​A year-long elective available at the middle school.  Contact David Ludwig at

​Westside's Theatre department produces plays in the Fall and Spring. The most recent production was "Big Bad" written by Alec Strum.


​​ Gallery 

 Mr. Tim Bodah of Longhorn Steakhouse interviews a student at the Westside Job Fair in February. Students created resumes and applied for jobs. The event was sponsored by AVID, a career and college readiness program.